Ubiquiti UC-C6-CMR | Copper LAN cable | UniFi, CAT6

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Артикул: UC-C6-CMR
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Ubiquiti UC-C6-CMR | Copper LAN cable | UniFi, CAT6


Category 6 Ethernet cable

Cable for internal applications, designed for use in high-speed UniFi systems and general network implementations indoors. Available in 304 m lengths (1000 ft), the UniFi cable is a UTP cabling that supports speeds up to 10G Ethernet. It uses 23 AWG copper wire pairs and a divider that improves the insulation between the pairs.

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Working environment

The CMR cabling is flame retardant and can be run vertically between floors. The UniFi cable is CMR fire resistant, making it suitable for both wall and vertical cabling.

Ubiquiti UC-C6-CMR | Copper LAN cable | UniFi, CAT6

Cabel for assembly Inside the building
Верхнее покрытие кабеля PVC
Длина 305м
Категория кабеля Cat.6
Тип кабеля Installation cables
Цвет White

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