Ubiquiti TC-CON | RJ45 connectors | TOUGHCable

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Ubiquiti TC-CON | RJ45 connectors | TOUGHCable

Ubiquiti TC-CON | RJ45 connectors | TOUGHCable


Ubiquiti TOUGHCable CONNECTORS TC-CON RJ-45 - plugs with surge protection

Plugs TC-CON RJ-45 brand Ubiquiti with surge protection. They are specially designed for use with Ubiquiti Networks TOUGHCable. The plugs offer the possibility of installing an earthing cable without the need for soldering. The product is made of very high quality materials, which ensures trouble-free operation and protection against the effects of electrostatic discharges.

Weather-resistant construction

TOUGHCable™ has been designed to be effective, even in the most difficult weather and environmental conditions.

Protection against ESD damage

TOUGHCable™ protects networks from destructive static electricity attacks.

Extended cable service

TOUGHCable™ is designed to increase data transfer efficiency - for longer cable lengths.

TOUGHCable™ connectors

The TOUGHCable Connectors, specially designed for use with TOUGHCable™, protect against ESD attacks and damage to Ethernet equipment. They make work easier, allowing quick deployment in the field - no soldering required.

Plugs are available in packages of 100pcs.

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