Ubiquiti CRM-P | Central management unit | CRM Point airMAX

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Ubiquiti CRM-P | Central management unit | CRM Point airMAX


Local management of equipment

CRM Point is a Ubiquiti Networks branded device that enables local management of ac airMAX® and AirMax network devices from a central point.

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Efficient quad-core architecture in a small size

Equipped with Quad-Core processor, the CRM point provides the highest level of computing power for centralized device management. Moreover, its small size and power supply via PoE 802.3af make the CRM point easy to connect to any switch or router in the network.

central management media converters access point modules sfp client devices

Versatile scalability

CRM Point will fit into networks of almost any size to meet growing management needs.

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No hosting fees

The CRM software and all data are stored locally on the device, eliminating the costs associated with storing information on the server.

Plug and Play installation

Just connect the device to PoE 802.3af, run the CRM Control configuration wizard, configure the device to your needs and you are done.

Ubiquiti CRM-P | Central management unit | CRM Point airMAX

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