Точка доступу MikroTik SXT Sixpack V2

Код товара: 667
Артикул: RBSXTKIT-V2
Гарантия:12 мес.
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Точка доступу MikroTik SXT Sixpack V2
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Точка доступу MikroTik SXT Sixpack V2


MicroTik SXT SA5

MikroTik SXT SA5 (SXTG-5HPnD-SAr2) is an inexpensive, fast external sectorial 5GHz wireless access point. It has a 90 degree antenna to provide a wider range than our previous SXT units.

MicroTik SXT SA5

The device is ideally suited to different conditions

Included with a ready-to-install housing and a built-in 14dBi antenna, the package contains everything you need to set it up in minutes. The inside of the enclosure is covered with special shielding to improve performance in areas of high interference and to improve the front to back ratio. The device is suitable for outdoor installation, and can be mounted on the wall using the quickMount Extra bracket.

MicroTik SXT SA5

Device equipped with RouterOS with Level 4 license

The RouterOS system with Level 4 license allows the device to work in access point mode. This allows us to create a small and cheap access point operating in the 5 GHz band. The device is equipped with High Power radio with maximum transmission power 30 dBm (1000 mW). SXT SA5 has a gigabit port Ethernet and uses MIMO 2x2 technology.

MicroTik SXT SA5

The most important features:

  • MIMO 2x2
  • Operation in the 5 GHz band
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • RouterOS system with Level 4 license
  • Profit 14 dBi
  • High Power radio - up to 30 dBm (1000 mW)
  • 90° integrated sector antenna
MicroTik SXT SA5

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