MikroTik Mobile Quick Setup | Remote configuration tool | RBMQS, 2,4GHz, PoE

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MikroTik Mobile Quick Setup | Remote configuration tool | RBMQS, 2,4GHz, PoE


MicroTik Mobile Quick Setup

If you work with many PoE powered devices and manage their configuration and diagnostics, a small device in your pocket will make your life much easier. MQS is a tool that allows you to manage MicroTics and other devices from your smartphone, tablet through a Wi-Fi connection.


As many as two types of power supply

MQS can be powered by Powerbank or USB charger. It has PoE to power the devices - you don't even need power on site to perform maintenance, diagnostics or network installation.


No more climbing and balancing on the tower with uncomfortable laptops

Simply carry MQS in your pocket to work safely and easily anywhere! Disconnect the PoE cable from the CPE, connect the MQS, and this will allow you to connect wirelessly and apply the basic settings, acting as a WiFi-Ethernet bridge to the PoE output.


The most important features:

  • Portable Access Point
  • Ethernet or Ethernet/PoE to MQS set to client Wi-Fi mode and used to manage
  • CPE installation, bandwidth testing and configuration via USB powerbank and MQS AP support via smartphone connections
  • Home AP for a limited number of clients

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