MikroTik RB14e | PCI Adapter | 4x miniPCI-e to PCI-e

Код товара: 615
Артикул: RB14E
Гарантия: 12 мес.
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MikroTik RB14e | PCI Adapter | 4x miniPCI-e to PCI-e


PCIe MikroTik RouterBoard 14E network card

Mikrotik RB14e is an adapter card designed to support four wireless miniPCIe cards in a PC with PCIe socket. This gives you the possibility to use our new wireless R11e interfaces in conventional PCs.

Use this new adapter to expand connectivity and upgrade your device to use the latest miniPCIe interface cards.

Both low and normal profile brackets are included. The brackets contain mounting holes for SMAconnectors, which can also be used as cable outlet holes.

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