RF Elements HG3-TP-S40

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Артикул: HG3-TP-S40 HORN
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RF Elements HG3-TP-S40


RF Elements sector antenna with 40 degree beam width

An RF Elements sectorial antenna with a beam width of 40 degrees, horizontally and vertically, has a gain of 10 to 20 dBi. The presented Sectorial antenna type horn (horn, i.e. Polish for cone) from SH-TP series offers exceptional performance, typical for RF products. This antenna in a compact housing is characterized by a long range and provides symmetrical coverage of the transmission of a specific area.

Revolutionary TwistPort connector

All antennas in the highly regarded SH-TP series are equipped with a unique TwistPort, a patented wavelength port. The TwistPortcontacts are virtually lossless and exemplify the revolutionary advances in wireless system scalability and deployment convenience.
SH-TP antennas are compatible with any radio devices equipped with a TwistPort (connector).

Excellent noise reduction, high scalability, compactness

Symmetrical conical antennas offer excellent noise reduction and highest scalability. These compact devices are characterized by a symmetrical beam pattern and no side beams. SH-TP antennas are ideal for high density AP clusters and radio co-location.

RF Elements HG3-TP-S40

Energy gain 10дБи - 20дБи
Вертикальная ширина луча 40°
Класс защиты IP IP55
Применение Для улицы
Соотношение Front-to-back 35 dB
Тип антенны Секторная
Тип коннектора TwistPort
Частота антенны 5 ГГц
Ширина луча по горизонтали 40°

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