RF Elements SH-CC-5-30

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Артикул: SH-CC-5-30 HORN
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RF Elements SH-CC-5-30


RF Elements sector antenna of the Horn type with a 30 degree beam width

Sectoral RF Elements Carrier Class with a 30 degree beam. The front-to-back ratio is 37 dB. The presented HornAntenna from the SH-CC series offers exceptional performance, typical for RF Elements products. This antenna in a compact housing has a long range and provides symmetrical coverage of a specific surface.

Surface coating

The RF Elements Horn SH-CC-5-30 antenna provides symmetrical coverage of heavy customers who are in close proximity to the antenna. The SH-CC series of antennas offers a significant reduction in interference levels due to extremely small side panels. The SH-CC 5-30 model by RF Elements is equipped with two N Female. type connectors.

RF ELEMENTS symmetrical horn CARRIER CLASS twistport adaptors

RF Elements SH-CC-5-30

Energy gain 10дБи - 20дБи
VSWR 1.8:1
Вертикальная ширина луча 30°
Класс защиты IP IP55
Поляризация Двойная линейная
Применение Для улицы
Соотношение Front-to-back 41 dB
Тип антенны Секторная
Тип коннектора 2x N FEMALE
Частота антенны 5 ГГц
Ширина луча по горизонтали 30°

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